i saw a picture of nicole337 and i thought it was you

It was me

so how did you and kevin start talking?

Kevin had followed me forever and then I followed him and then we just started talking?? Like idk I think I was sad one day and he was like text me! Or something like that I literally don’t remember I’ve been following Kevin forever it feels like he’s an angel

I’m not getting married until I’ve reached my fullest potential of hotness meaning plastic surgery and all

I had a dream I was hanging out with Frankie Grande at his family’s house and there was a big party like my friends and bf were there and also like everyone from big brother was there so was his family and it was a huge party and I got lost because the house was literally giant it even had like a restaurant and shit and I got lost and then these people tried to kidnap me and threatened me with Oreos or something idk and it was so scary I had to wake myself up

Charli XCX vs Washed Out - Feel The Boom All Around (Ezra Mor Mashup)
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Charli XCX vs Washed Out // Feel The Boom All Around // Download

I haven’t made a mashup in a while. I hope you like this one.

An hour without energy on Kim Kardashian Hollywood is like a year without rain